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Illustration for Kimono

One of my best friends from college is the owner of the Kimono company, ‘Shinrindo(森林堂)’. The company has been proposing innovative designs for Kimono in Kyoto.

Though general Kimono is made ​​by dyed or woven, the company makes Kimono by digital printing using ink. My friend (the owner) is always thinking of fusion of traditional sensibility and modern sensibility.
In fact, he has already proposed various Kimonos for dolls or movies, not only common Kimono. As one of his projects, I collaborated with him to make original ‘Yukata’.

Since his company has the print skills by ink-jet, it’s possible to print the designs on silks directly from digital data. So, I designed the patterns by photoshop and created the mockups above. The designs were printed out at his company.

And finally, in order to form Yukata, I sent the designed cloth to another company. The completed Yukata is the picture below.