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Illustration for Kimono

One of my best friends from university is the owner of the Kyoto-based Kimono company, ‘Shinrindo’. The company develops innovative designs for Kimonos.

Though in general Kimonos are made ​​by dyeing or weaving, his company makes Kimonos by digitally printing them. He is always thinking of how to fuse traditional modern sensibilities.

In addition to traditional kimonos, he has created speciality Kimonos which were used in movies, prints for train wrappings, and Japanese school uniforms. For one of these projects, I collaborated with him to make an original ‘Yukata’.



Since his company uses a unique inkjet printing technology, they can print designs directly on silk using digital data. I designed the Yukata pattern in Photoshop (above). My design was then printed by his company.


I then sent the cloth with my design printed on it to another company to be made into a Yukata. The finished Yukata is shown in the photo below.